As a licensed partner with American Standard and Nexia, crucial diagnostic data can be retrieved through a service porthole right in the office at Ervin-Moser Residential Service. With your approval, your thermostat can send a 30 day log of information on indoor/outdoor temperatures, system run time data, and other stats that help determine the cause of a problem you are having at home, before your technician even arrives! This can save time on your trip out to service your system and get you warmer or cooler even faster!

Nexia Ervin Moser Service
Nexia Ervin Moser Service
Complete Home Automation.

Ervin Moser makes it easy to be in the know and in control of your home – even when you’re constantly on the go. The Nexia all-in-one app that connects your smart devices through Z-Wave technology, streamlining the way you manage your day. By performing everyday tasks like automatically locking the front door on your way out or turning on the lights before you come home, Nexia empowers you to lead an active life without worrying about what’s happening at home. It’s almost like being in two places at once.

One System with Limitless Potential

The Nexia app allows you to connect and control all of the elements of your smart home, creating a truly seamless system. Customizable and easy-to-use, the app allows you choose how your smart devices work together by creating automations and user modes. The Nexia app provides a powerful solution to simplify how you manage your home.

Nexia Ervin Moser Service
Only the Best Brands.
Ductless Split Systems
Duckless Split Systems Ervin Moser Service
American Standard Ervin Moser Service

Offering a wide selection of heating and cooling systems, we are a leading service provider and dealer for American Standard gas furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioning systems. We also carry Peerless™ gas fired boilers and Aprilaire™ air cleaners and humidifiers. American Standard products are available with an optional 10-year parts and labor warranty.

​Popular throughout Europe and the East, Mitsubishi™ ductless split heat pump and air conditioning systems are equipped with a six-year compressor and one-year parts warranty. These systems offer increased energy efficiency and comfort for any home.




Air Conditioning

When you need HVAC replacement and maintenance, turn to the professionals at Ervin-Moser Residential Services in West Chester, Pennsylvania. We offer comprehensive HVAC services for residential customers. Trust us to make sure your home stays at the perfect temperature all year long.

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